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Unrivaled access to pristine coastal jungle

PLEASE NOTE: All Corcovado + Cano Island tours MUST be booked in advance! The park only allows 100 people to enter per day and requires us to obtain permits for your entry!

San Pedrillo Station                    

$95 per person

$75 for kids 12 and under

(Age must match ID. The park guards will check.)


Departure: 7am

Return: ~12:30

Lunch is served upon your return to the lodge

Experience the last coastal primary rainforest on Earth with our passionate guides!

Stare in awe at some of the oldest trees in Costa Rica as spider monkeys drop seeds on you. Take a dip under the roaring waterfall and learn about what makes this ecosystem so unique. The San Pedrillo Station gets the most puma sightings then anywhere on the Osa. Our tours are comprised exclusively of guests staying at the lodge which means you get the benefit of a small group size and a more intimate experience!

🗸 Small Group Sizes = tailored to your pace

🗸 Top Rated Guide with 10+ years in Corcovado

🗸 Personalized Experience

🗸 Rubber Boots Provided

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Discover Costa Rica's most untouched tropical rainforest, where vibrant green foliage and colossal old-growth trees with far-reaching buttresses create a breathtaking scene. Feel the warm, humid air that houses the incredible diversity of plants and animals in the most biodiverse region in the world, and admire the awe-inspiring architecture of these ancient giants of the forest.

Insightful Indigenous Stories

Immerse yourself in the captivating stories shared by your top-rated indigenous guide, feeling a deep sense of connection to the land and its rich history as you explore the enchanting secrets of Corcovado National Park

A Sense of Accomplishment

Embrace the sense of accomplishment that washes over you as you conquer the diverse terrain, your muscles tingling with satisfaction and your spirit soaring with the knowledge that you've experienced a rare, untouched corner of the world.

Rejuvenating Waterfall Encounter

Refresh yourself in the cool waters of a massive waterfall, savoring the invigorating mist on your face while listening to the soothing sound of cascading water and the chatter of colorful birds nearby.


Yaznir is the best, passionate and lovely tour Guide I could have ever wished for. He created such a great atmosphere during the tours and his knowledge about jungle life is just not from this Planet. I felt very comfortable and safe while hiking with him and he was absolutely caring and looking after me. Also Diego is. These two special human beings were the best on my stay in your paradise and I hope to see them soon! You are so lucky to have them in your Team! :) Thank you so much for everything! 

-Judith, March 2023

FAQ Corcovado Tours


The only tour that has ever spotted a jaguar in person is the San Pedrillo overnight. Our campsite is specifically located where we capture jaguars with our camera trap project.


Cancellation policies vary for each overnight your option. Cancellations due to weather will only be applied if there is a weather alert issued by SINAC.


We conduct Corcovado trips rain or shine. Different animals can be seen at different times of year depending on weather. Generally, animals are less active in the dry season due to the high temperatures. So coming to the area during the "rainy season" has its perks. We provide rubber boots and recommend guests bring light rain jackets.

Is the tour accessible for people with disabilities or mobility issues?

The tour is designed to accommodate various fitness levels, and our guides will adjust the pace to ensure everyone's comfort. Please contact us to discuss any specific needs, and we'll do our best to accommodate them.

What's the minimum or maximum group size?

Our tours have a maximum of 10 guests to ensure a personalized experience, but there's no minimum group size.


All Corcovado Trips should be reserved with at least 30 days of anticipation if possible. We have to obtain permits for park entry with your passport info in advance. The park only allows 100 visitors per day per station, so these permits are extremely limited. We will always do our best to make sure our guests can experience Corcovado.


It is strictly prohibited to bring food or disposable water bottles/ packaging into the park. This is to protect the wildlife from visitors feeding them or leaving rubbish.

How long is the hike, and what's the terrain like?

The tour covers approximately 3-4 miles, with moderate terrain suitable for most fitness levels.


Yes we provide rubber boots! Wear comfortable, quick-drying clothes and bring sun protection, insect repellent, and a reusable water bottle.


You can do a Corcovado day tour or overnight tour on the last day/night of your stay if you'd like! The tour ends at around 12:30 and you can take the 1:30 boat back to Sierpe!


There are not "more animals" at Sirena. There are more tour groups at Sirena, therefore more guides looking for animals and sharing that info with other guides.

What to expect

Corcovado is the most exclusive national park in Costa Rica with the strictest rules and limitations on how many people can enter, who can guide tours, and activity protocols. Only a select list of local guides are allowed into the park, and the stations are boat access only.

These rules and protocols have saved many critically endangered species on the Osa Peninsula from extinction. This conservation success is an example of the measures that must be taken to save and bring back rainforests and their inhabitants. Up until recently, it was very difficult to spot any large wildlife like a tapir due to overhunting and habitat destruction. Now, the tapir sightings are part of what makes the area so attractive for tourism.


The park is an incredibly special place precisely because it is a wild and undisturbed rainforest. The fact that it is so exclusive and has such strict regulations helps to ensure that it remains that way, providing a haven for critically endangered species and allowing visitors to witness nature in its purest form. While it's true that there's no guarantee of specific animal sightings, visitors to Corcovado can appreciate the beauty and wonder of the rainforest as a whole, and the chance to catch a glimpse of some of its incredible inhabitants is truly a bonus.

Still unsure which tours are right for you?
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