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All of your most asked questions, thoughtfully answered.


Laundry service
Get as dirty as you like without worrying about running out of clean clothes! We offer laundry service at the affordable price of $10 per load. There is a laundry sac in your room for your convenience.

Vegan / Gluten free diet

Our guests culinary experience is extremely important to us. We cater to a variety of dietary needs and offer creative vegan and gluten free options for every meal. 

What 3 meals are included with my stay each day?

Meals start from the moment you arrive. Lunch will be waiting for you once you are settled into your room and after orientation. Tea time is at 3pm everyday which includes a snack and tea/coffee. Dinner and dessert are served in the evening and breakfast the next morning before tours or your departure boat back to Drake Bay/Sierpe.

Do the rooms have air conditioning or refrigerators?
We run 100% on solar power. We are so remote that we are not tied to the grid. We have a very strong solar battery bank, however it is not strong enough for air conditioning or in-room fridges. All rooms are equipped with high efficiency yacht fans to keep our guests comfortable in all temperatures.



We are planning to do several tours. Should we book the tours in advance?
All tours MUST be booked in advance! It is very difficult to arrange guides and park permits due to limited availability last minute. Even tours that are not to the national park should be reserved as far in advance as possible so that we can schedule guides accordingly! Book a tour here.


We wish to do the Cano Island/ Corcovado tour on our last day. Is it possible to do so and take a boat back to Sierpe after the tour?
Yes, you can do either of these tours in the morning and be back in time for the 1:30pm boat departure. 


On which trip has the jaguar been spotted?
The only tour that has ever spotted a jaguar in person is the San Pedrillo overnight. Our campsite is specifically located where we capture jaguars with our camera trap project.


Do I have to pay for a room while on a Corcovado overnight trip?
We do not allow reservation gaps, if you would like to book an overnight without paying for a room you can schedule your trip for the last day of your stay and not book a room for that night. We can store bags in our office while you are on the trip if needed. You will be back in time the next morning to take the afternoon boat back to Drake Bay or Sierpe. We have accessible showers for you to use upon return.


We wish to do the Cano Island tour or the Corcovado tour on our last day. Is it possible to do so and take a boat back to Sierpe after the tour?
Every tour has a different cancellation policy. However, they all have the similar time frame of being nonrefundable 3 days before the activity. This is due to the amount of coordination and permitting that goes into each tour. 


Can I wait to see what the weather is like before I book?

No, you cannot.

The weather on the Osa is 100% unpredictable. For more info on weather and seasons, please visit our weather page.


Is the boat ride to the lodge included in the price?
The boat is a public boat not operated by us, so the boat ride is not included in our prices. To read all about the boat please see the
Sierpe Boat Guide.

Since we can't book the boat in advance, how do I know for sure that there will be space for my party on the boat?
Please rest assured that space on the boat will not be an issue. We always communicate with the boat captains the night before to ensure enough space for our guests.

We are arriving by car to Sierpe. Is there a safe parking area to leave our car?
Yes. Look for the Hotel Oleaje Sereno. There they have a safe, secure parking lot for $6 usd. The boats depart from there same restaurant. 

Is it possible to arrive by plane?
Yes. Sansa Airlines offer several daily flights from the Domestic Terminal of the International Airport. Make sure to get a flight that arrives to Drake Bay before 11:30am. A taxi will take you from the airport to the beach. See more details on the Sierpe Boat Guide.

Can I hike to the lodge?
We do not allow our guests to hike to the lodge from Drake Bay. There are many loose dogs along the way that follow hikers all the way to the lodge. We then have to boat out said dogs. If you bring a dog hiking to us we will have to charge a $15 boat fee per dog.

Can I drive to Drake Bay?
Do not drive to Drake Bay, even if someone told you that you could, or if you read online that you could. You should not do it, especially if your car is a rental. Insurance companies do not cover incidents that happen in Drake Bay due to the bad road conditions and bridgeless river crossings.

How do I reach Sierpe by Bus from San Jose? First locate the Tracopa Bus Station (near Clinica Biblia). Purchase a ticket (Ticket counter opens at 4:30 am) to Palmar Norte. Tickets cost $10-$12 usd. First bus departs at 5:00 am. After a 5 hour ride you will arrive Palmar Norte at approx 11:00am. From there you must take a taxi (cost $20 usd) to the river town of Sierpe. The taxi will drop you at a restaurant located next to the boat dock. From there you will take the 11:30 am boat to Drake bay. Be sure to mention to the captain that you wish to be dropped at Jungla del Jaguar. They will land you on the beach directly in front of the lodge. See more boat details on our Sierpe Boat Guide.

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