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Experience the best snorkeling in Costa Rica

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Caño Island Snorkeling
by The Jaguar's Jungle

Embark on an unforgettable adventure as you dive into the clear waters of Cano Island, immersing yourself in a vibrant underwater world teeming with mesmerizing marine life and countless species of fish. Learn invaluable freediving tips from our expert guides, allowing you to explore the depths and get up-close encounters with majestic creatures such as white-tipped sharks, manta rays, and sea turtles. Soak in the sun and refreshing sea breeze on the scenic boat ride to the island and keep an aye out for breaching whales, dolphins, and flying fish! Enhance your appreciation for the ocean's wonders as you uncover fascinating insights from our knowledgeable guides, who have worked with BBC to document the area's unique biodiversity. Reminisce about the day's adventures over a delicious lunch at the lodge, sharing laughter and stories with your fellow snorkelers.

$95 per person

$75 for kids 12 and under

(Age must match ID. The park guards will check.)

Departure: 8:30am

Return: ~1:00pm

Boat ride: ~30 min - 7 miles

Lunch is served upon return to the lodge. Fruit is provided on the boat.

On our boat we don't just drop you into the water and let you snorkel, our expert guides will give you tips and tricks on freediving and get you to experience the marine life in a way you never thought possible.  With us, a Cano Island trip isn't just a snorkeling tour, it's an experience that you won't forget. Before the tour our guide will fit you for masks and fins. 

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Scuba diving

Upon booking you will be asked for your shoe & wetsuit size. The boat will arrive to our beach to pick you up with all your dive gear. 

Departure: 8am

Return: ~1:00pm

Lunch is served upon return to the lodge. 

$180 per person

*Scuba Divers need to be certified. Proof of certification is required.

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Meet your Captain

Meet Diego, our charismatic boat captain with a heart full of adventure and a soul deeply connected to the natural world. Born and raised on Isla Violines, in the Sierpe river mouth, Diego's life has been intricately woven with the rhythms of nature. His earliest memories include hunting and fishing from a canoe with his father, a gold miner, and living a life that echoed the traditions of his Brunka tribe heritage.

In the twenty years he's been a part of the tourism industry, Diego's passion for the natural world has only deepened. Starting as a boat helper, he honed his skills and knowledge, eventually guiding mangrove tours as a captain. For seven years, he shared his love for the land by guiding horseback riding tours with his own horses, but he is happiest on the ocean.

During the lean tourism seasons, Diego's resilient spirit led him to Puerto Jimenez, where he rode bulls to make ends meet.  Now, as our esteemed boat captain, Diego looks forward to sharing his love for nature. His captivating stories and deep understanding of the area promise an unforgettable journey. You can typically recognize him by his handwoven palm hats.



I loved everything about this place, but my personal highlight was the snorkelling tour to Canó Island. Diego was a wonderful guide and captain and showed as more sea turtles and dolphins than I hoped for! it was such a great experience that I even did it twice!
Thanks again to the amazing staff who really made my stay most perfect
Can’t wait to go back to this little paradis
Anna 2023, Google Review

FAQ Cano Island Tours


Swim attire

Water bottle

Water proof bag

REEF SAFE sunscreen


Swim shirt

 Waterproof camera (optional)


All divers know that scuba diving is a unique experience. You can get closer to the marine life and spot fish that are in deeper waters. The snorkeling at Cano Island is quite spectacular, however, and you don't HAVE to scuba in order to see the marine life. Our honest opinion is that the snorkeling experience is just as rewarding.


Certified bilingual guide

Park entrance permits

 Boat transportation

All snorkeling equipment



$25- nonrefundable.

Less than 5 days prior to departure - Non-refundable. Cancellation made after: 5 Days Prior to Departure Date- 100% of total purchase amount can be refunded minus park permit fee. Cancellations due to weather will only be applied if there is a weather alert issued by SINAC.


You cannot snorkel and scuba dive on the same boat. Scuba boats cannot host snorkelers. You cannot bring a guest onto the boat who is not part of the tour.


You will be given a life vest to snorkel in. You can either hold onto it or wear it if you wish. 

Watch our Cano Island Video

Spaces are limited!

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