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Osa Peninsula Weather

Do not believe weather app predictions on the Osa. The peninsula creates it's own weather that is impossible to predict. All apps will predict rain every day here, but that is not accurate!

Costa Rica has only 2 seasons: the dry and the rainy season. The dry season is from December- April and the rainy season from May- November. However during rainy months it may only rain late in the afternoon or at night so visitors still enjoy sunny days on the beach and outdoor activities during the daytime. Costa Rica is only 1000km north of the equator, so the sun rises at about 5 am and sets at about 6 pm consistently throughout the year. The average annual temperature is around 21 to 27 degrees Celsius or 70 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit. Below is a table show you what kind of climate to expect on the Osa Peninsula.


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Average Temperature Fahrenheit

Average Temperature Celsius

Monthly Average Rainy Days/Nights

January                 92                          33.3                         2


February               94                          34.4                         2


March                    94                          34.4                         1


April                       95                         35.1                          3


May                        92                         33.3                          14


June                       88                         31.1                          17


July                        90                         32.2                          16


August                   89                         31.7                          17


September            89                         31.7                          22


October                  88                         31.7                          20


November              90                        32.2                          13

December              90                        32.2                           5

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