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Jungle Quest Package:

Dive, Ride & Camp

Starting at $1,709 for 2 guests

*Plus tax


Duration: 4 Nights

What is included:

  • 3 nights in the lodge

  • 1 night in Corcovado campsite - private safari tent

  • All meals + tea time + dessert

  • Extra lunch on departure day

  • 4 tours & unique experiences

Sunset Sea Kayaking 

Cano Island snorkeling tour

Horseback Adventure

Corcovado National Park Overnight: San Pedrillo

Dive deep into the allure of the primary rainforest and pristine ocean in our Jungle Quest Package. Spread over an invigorating 4-night adventure, you'll touch the very essence of this land – from its untouched beaches to its lush rainforests. This package isn't just a holiday; it's an invitation to commune with nature in all its wild beauty.

This package will only appear available when you select 3 nights on our rooms calendar as one night is at the overnight camp.

Accommodation: Relish 3 nights in our eco-sensitive lodge, enveloped by nature's melodies, and one unforgettable night camping under the canopy of stars in the heart of the San Pedrillo wilderness.

Dining: From your welcoming lunch to a farewell breakfast, let your palate revel in four days of recipes by Chef Hazel, with breakfasts, lunches, and dinners crafted from local produce.


  • Arrival Day Activities: Kickstart your adventure with:

    • Sunset Sea Kayaking Expedition: Glide across the pristine waters, exploring secret coves and sunlit shores.

  • Cano Island Snorkeling: Day 2 promises an underwater escapade around Cano Island, a spectacle of marine life.

  • Horseback Riding Adventure: On Day 3, mount up and trot through diverse terrains, from the whispering jungles to the echoing shores, forging a bond with these majestic creatures.

  • San Pedrillo Overnight Expedition: The pinnacle of your journey, Day 4 whisks you away to San Pedrillo. Delve into the heart of the wild during the day, and as night descends, camp under a diamond-studded sky, with nature's lullaby sending you into dreamland.

  • Departure - Day 5: Return from San Pedrillo after a breakfast served in the jungle. Have a shower in our designated ocean view camping showers and enjoy lunch before your 1:30 departure to Sierpe/ Drake Bay.

*Overall price depends on the room category you choose.

*Activities on itineraries may be arranged in a different order than described according to availability.

Packages do not include: boat transport to or from Sierpe/ Drake Bay, bar drinks, gratuity

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