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Experience the best fishing excursions in Costa Rica

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Fishing off the Osa is brilliant – a truly amazing experience that you’ll never forget.

The Jaguar's Jungle Lodge is perfectly located to enjoy both world class off-shore/deep sea sport fishing and in-shore fishing adventures! We offer a variety of fishing opportunities -ranging from a casual hour of late afternoon fishing right off our beach for small bonito or snapper to a full day of world class sport fishing for sailfish, marlin, tuna and dorado. And other options in between.


3-Hour Sunset Trip

Join us for a sunset troll across the last place on earth where the primary rainforest meets the sea. Stay in-shore and target Roosterfish, Mackerel, Jacks and Snook while watching our incredible sunsets. Includes snacks, an assortment of beverages, guide, and fishing gear.

$400 per trip

The boat allows 1-4 people

Half-Day Trip

For a 1/2 day trip we generally leave at 7:00 AM and return around 12:00 PM.  Depending upon what is biting and what species the angler wants to target, we can go out to Caño Island for Grouper, Snapper, Tuna, and Wahoo or stay in-shore and target Roosterfish, Mackerel, Jacks and Snook.  We do not go offshore on a half-day trip.  Includes lunch, snacks, an assortment of beverages, guide, and fishing gear.

$550 per trip

The boat allows 1-4 people

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Yellow Fin/Big Eye/Albacore Tuna

A favorite fish for sushi and ‘steaks’ worldwide. We are fortunate enough to have a healthy population of these incredibly strong and beautiful fish in our waters. Tuna are in Drake Bay year round and can reach speeds up to 75 mph. There's nothing like eating fresh sashimi as soon as you pull a tuna onboard!


Wahoo or Ono, as they are called in Hawaii, is a prized game fish due to its high quality filets. Wahoo are caught while high speed trolling with either a lure or ballyhoo. Many times Wahoo are confused with Barracuda as they are similar in color and body style. Wahoo are fast swimmers and have razor sharp teeth.


This is the king of all sport fishing, the top of the food chain. Anglers pursue Marlin all over the world from Central American to Australia to Africa. In the waters around Drake Bay and the Osa Peninsula we are lucky enough to have 3 species; Striped, Black and Blue Marlin. The most common Marlin caught here are Blues between 200-300 lbs. 

Mahi Mahi/Dorado

Regardless of what you call them, this is one of the most popular fish to catch (and eat) in the world. These beautiful fish are very fast swimmers and a very fast growing species. Males are called Bulls and have a very blunt nose while the females are called Cows and have a rounded nose. The males are typically much larger than the females.


Drake Bay is one of the best places on Earth to catch this beautiful and exotic species. In fact, we catch a lot of them just 100 feet from our beach! Roosterfish are great fighters and a ton of fun to catch.

Cero Mackerel

A close relative to the Spanish Mackerel and the King Fish, the Cero Mackerel are common in the waters of Drake Bay. Cero Mackerel are generally caught while trolling near the beaches and river mouths. They weigh anywhere from 5-25 lbs and are delicious grilled or raw!

Pacific Sailfish

The Sailfish is one of the most sought after Billfish in the world because of the incredible jumps it makes after being hooked. They are also considered one of, if not the most beautiful fish in the world. Southern Costa Rica is one of the best places in the world to catch big Sailfish in good numbers. The Offshore World Championship is held every April in Costa Rica, thousands of Sailfish are caught and released during this four day event. The Pacific Sailfish is much bigger than the Atlantic Sailfish caught in Florida. It is not uncommon for us to catch them as big as 125-150 lbs. From February-April you may see up to 15-20 hookups in 1 day.

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On the Osa we have many species of Snapper including; Cubera, Rock, Red, Black and Yellow Tail Snapper. Similar to the Grouper, they are rock dwellers, hard fighting and delicious to eat.


Pompano are also rock dwellers and are considered a delicacy. There are 20 different species of Pompano and they are very similar to a Permit. In Drake Bay the African Pompano is the most common. The Pompanos in Costa Rica are about twice the size of fish caught in the Gulf of Mexico.


We have various species of Grouper in the Osa Peninsula including; Black, Gag, Broomtail and Panamanian Grouper. They may have different coloration but they are all hard fighters and delicious to eat. You catch these bottom fishing around Caño Island. We use both live bait and cut bait to catch Grouper. Once hooked, it is important to remember the angler much pull them out of the rocks as soon as possible.


Amberjacks are a hard fighting and tasty fish that generally live near the bottom. They have a distinctive black stripe extending from their nose to the front of their Dorsal Fin giving them the appearance of wearing eye make-up.

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