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Greenhouse and hydroponic system



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The Jungla del Jaguar Volunteering Program is the only volunteering in Costa Rica which offers the chance to live next to the number one national park in Costa Rica, Corcovado. With this life-changing experience you will have the opportunity to live local, explore primitive beach-front property, while learning about conservation and sustainable living in the jungle while helping us provide a wonderful experience for guests. Click on the application links below for more information about our volunteering opportunities.

Volunteer opportunities outside of daily tasks include:

-Learn Spanish with our staff

-Teach English to our staff and other volunteers

-Learn about the primitive local community

-Find solace in wildlife

-Pristine Hiking through groomed jungle trails

-Free access to kayaks and snorkeling (look out for marine life, including our sea turtle friends!)

About Our Program:

Our volunteer house is dorm style accommodation,

Our volunteer program has a minimum commitment of 2 months and you must be 21 or over to apply. 

Volunteers have 6 hour shifts per day and receive free food and accommodation. We require accepted volunteers to make a $315 deposit via Paypal. In the case that the volunteer does not fulfill the 2 month commitment their deposit will be forfeited. Once the volunteer has completed their time commitment, their deposit will be refunded.

  • Greenhouse Maintenance

  • Feeding and pruning plants

  • Landscaping 

  • Cleaning hydroponic system tubes

  • Harvesting crops for the kitchen

  • Cutting grass

  • Gardening

Work Exchange Tasks

About Our Property:

Our bio-diverse property of over 130 acres where the only transportation is by boat or by foot is set on the edge of the Osa Peninsula, featured by National Geopgraphic.

Explore our primary rain forest, cashew fruit trees, plantains, species of reptiles, trees, tapirs, whales , species of monkeys, and birds, 

Swim with manta rays, sea turtles, and giant edible fish.

Our volunteer program is also listed on WWOOF Costa Rica and HelpX

What we are lookng for in an application:

  • Interest in or currently pursuing a degree in the sciences

  • Landscaping or gardening expierience 

  • A positive attitude

  • Interest in sustainable food growing 

  • Self driven

  • Knowledge about hydroponic growing



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