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Your seaside home next to the


Corcovado National Park


Our 130 acre rainforest property borders the Corcovado National Park


Our rooms and dorms are right next to the ocean with views of our private beach entrance


Our chef proudly offers gourmet and vegan meal options


Corcovado National Park

Cano Island Snorkeling & Scuba

Horseback Riding

Whale & Dolphin Watching

Night Hikes


Sea Kayaking and more!


Welcome to the 'most biologically intense place on earth.'



Explore Corcovado

Jungla del Jaguar is the most remote jungle lodge in Costa Rica. Our 130 acre beach-front property is located right on the border of the Corcovado National Park. Our unique lodge and hostel is the best place in Costa Rica for free and independent jungle hikes, exclusive eco-tours, as well as volunteering and student research groups.


We can also customize Corcovado tour packages to suit families, couples, and solo adventurers alike. Including multi-day treks, Caño Island snorkeling and diving adventures, whale and dolphin watching, horseback riding, fishing charters and more.


Our small family of on-site staff are always available to point you to our huge network of free hiking trails. You can also try your hand at fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, or surfing, just a stones’ throw away from your cabin. Explore Corcovado and it’s surroundings in a genuine off-the-beaten track experience.

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Experience Biodiversity

Jungla del Jaguar is the only affordable lodge that shares it’s jungle with Corcovado- the little Amazon of Costa Rica. Even just sipping a cocktail on our balcony bar, you could spot scarlet macaws, 3 different species of monkeys, coatis, tayra, or even a tapir. Our property is also a botanists’ dream- teeming with exotic fruits, medicinal plants and native flowers.


Our free jungle trails offer even more wildlife spotting opportunities including countless bird, reptile, and insect species. You could even spot a group of peccaries, anteaters, or one of our elusive big cats.


Student groups and researchers are welcome at Jungla del Jaguar. Contact us for information about volunteering and group packages.​

The Jaguar's Jungle Bucket List


Hike up the mountain, sit in one spot, observe, wait for it to get dark, listen

Find the hollow tree, enter it through the hole in its root, look up

Jump off the end of the world

Have a beer in the tide pool at low tide

Feel the bats flutter past you at dusk above the depths of the bat cave

Watch your dinner be filleted after its caught

Howl with the howler monkeys

Climb into the cave inside the San Pedrillo waterfall

Swim outside the bay at sunset, look at the golden jungle behind you

Walk the ridge trail at night

Swim with whales and dolphins 

Climb the matapalo tree

Jump through the Llorona beach waterfall

Enjoy a bonfire on the beach

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Recommended Reading

Reading Tropical Nature at Jungla del Jaguar is like being in an episode of Planet Earth! This book describes some of the incredible animals and natural phenomena that happen right in our forest, and being there to see it while you read it is a wonderful experience. We cannot recommend this book enough, especially if you plan on exploring Corcovado or our private forest.