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Guest  Satisfaction  Position

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Live and work in the most remote jungle lodge in Costa Rica!

If you are the type of person who loves excitement and challenges, then working on our team may be a fabulous fit. It never gets boring here! Even simple tasks like  checking guests in can become exciting when the waves are big. Our ecolodge dynamic gives you a closer relationship to the guests and a deeper meaning to your work. Our mission is to connect people with nature. If you share that passion then you will love being on our team of capable staff members.

Job Overview


The Secretary position at the Jaguars Jungle Lodge gives you the opportunity to put your organizational skills to use! Our secretary is in charge of organizing and responding to emails, using and creating checklists, making sure guides and bartenders follow the checklists, keeping track of payroll, helping answer guest questions, obtaining national park permits, and working as a team to make sure tours and operations run smoothly.

Dates: April 15th - June 15th

Salary: competitive with luxury lodges in the region (even though we aren't a "luxury" lodge)

plus food and housing onsite

Responsibilities and Duties​

  • Print checklists & food order forms

  • Collect checklists and ensure quality control

  • Provide exceptional customer service

  • Tour organization

  • Oversee gear inventory and organization 

  • Maintain a clean and presentable office


  • Must have experience in the guest services, front desk

  • Must genuinely enjoy helping our guests!

  • Must have very high English. Spanish communication abilities are a plus.

  • Must be willing to live onsite at our remote location

  • Must enjoy living in nature

Deal Makers

  • Skilled problem solver

  • Great personality

  • Experience using the following software or similar:

  1. Cloudbeds

  2. Peek Pro

  3. Google Docs

  4. Excel/ Google sheets

  5. Clickup

  • Shows an ability to stay on schedule and not get distracted easily

  • Enjoys learning new things

Deal Beakers

  • Poor English

  • Doesn’t take direction well

  • Overly shy or quiet

  • Likes to drink/ parties often

  • Is comfortable in a messy space

  • Gets angry easily or raises their voice in a situation

  • Doesn't enjoy customer service

Please note that alcohol consumption is not permitted on the property. If you are someone who likes to consume alcohol often, this is not the position for you.

Or send your CV and references to

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