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From Soil to Supper: A Hands-On Edible Adventure, in the Heart of the Rainforest

Join us in our immersive Farm-to-Table Tour, a gastronomic journey that begins right in the heart of our verdant farm!

Start your day by embracing the warm tropical sun as you learn to harvest coconuts from our abundant trees. Feel the satisfying scrape of the rasp against the coconut’s hard shell and savor the first burst of its sweet, milky juice. You'll learn the age-old technique of extracting fresh coconut milk – a culinary staple that's a sweet testament to Costa Rican tradition.

Next, step into our lush greenhouse, a thriving sanctuary of diverse greens. Revel in the cool, earthy aroma of the soil as you gently pick a variety of fresh, organic greens for your evening meal. As you marvel at the profusion of life around you, our expert guides will share invaluable insights about farming in the heart of the tropical rainforest – a learning experience like no other!

Your journey continues among our exotic fruit trees, a sensory explosion of vibrant colors and tantalizing scents. Feel the soft, velvety skin of ripe fruits in your hands and hear the satisfying crunch as you pluck them from the branches. Each season offers a new selection of succulent fruits, promising a unique gastronomic delight every time.

As the day's collection is whisked away to our kitchen, anticipation builds, knowing those same ingredients will be expertly prepared by our chef for dinner. By the end of the day, you'll sit down to a meal that’s not only delicious but deeply connected to the land you've explored – a unique dining experience that truly encapsulates 'farm to table'.

This tour is an unforgettable journey through Costa Rica's culinary heritage and agricultural richness. It's a celebration of the senses, filled with knowledge, authenticity, and the simple joy of picking your own food from the earth. The Farm-to-Table Tour is a memory you’ll savor long after your dinner plate is empty.

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