free hiking corcovado
For those who want to experience the jungles of Corcovado National Park without a guide, Jungla del Jaguar is the place to be.
Our network of trails goes right to the border of Corcovado and spans an area of 130 acres. From the lodge you can hike independently in the last lowland primary rain forest on earth.
Experience waterfalls, beaches, caves and viewpoints along with the opportunity to encounter wildlife such as Tapir, Big Cats, Peccary, Sloth, Tayra, Coatis, Countless species of Birds and ancient trees.
Download the hiking map to the left before you arrive and experience the jungles of Corcovado at your own pace and off-the-beaten-track.
free hiking corcovado

Ocelot, Toucan Trail

At the Jaguar's Jungle, we contribute research to a country wide animal monitoring project managed by the Costa Rican government. With the use of camera traps, we monitor the population densities of all wildlife species on the reserve. We also conduct behavioral studies with the wild cats that roam the reserve: jaguars, pumas, ocelots, margay, and jaguarundi. 

    Our research has given us an inside look at the elusive lives of wild cats on the Osa Peninsula and shed light on the theory that Jaguars rub against designer perfume scents. We conducted an experiment founded by Washington & Jefferson College wherein designer perfumes Chanel No. 5, Calvin Klein's Obsession for Men, and L'Aire du Temps were dispersed onto scent stations in front of camera traps to record Jaguar responses.