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2 night Corcovado Overnight Expedition: 


Dive into an extended jungle journey, embrace the raw beauty of the deep forest realms, even if you've never embarked on a multi-day  wilderness adventure before.

$610 per guest

*Plus tax


Departure: 7:15am 

Return: ~10am 2 days later

What is included:

  • Permit requirements

  • All meals

  • All camping gear

  • Top rated Corcovado guide

  • All boat transport

  • Bedding, mattresses, covered safari tents, showerhead, etc.

  • Trip insurance available at checkout (additional cost)

An expedition tailored for the intrepid, brace yourself for two nights of intense jungle immersion across the last primary coastal rainforest on Earth. Suited for those who hunger for a deeper, extended dive into nature's grandeur, and to bond with our guide who will show you a spiritual side of nature you have never felt.


Please note: This tour requires us to acquire VERY limited park permits in advance. The sooner you reserve the better.

Day 1: Embracing the Heart of the primary rainforest 

  • Exploring San Pedrillo's Trails: As you step onto the trails of San Pedrillo, you'll be greeted by the playful antics of white-faced capuchin monkeys and the stealthy movements of agoutis. Immerse yourself in the diverse and vibrant life that flourishes in this untouched part of the jungle.

  • Lunch Amidst the Canopy Songs: Enjoy a satisfying midday meal at the San Pedrillo park Station, where the sounds of the jungle enrich your dining experience.

  • Waterfall Swim: Continue your exploration along the meandering paths to an impressive waterfall framed with old growth trees covered with vines. Make sure to pack your swimsuit to go for a refreshing dip!

  • Night Under the Stars: As night falls, dine in the heart of the jungle and settle into your private camp. The symphony of nocturnal sounds will be your lullaby in this peaceful wilderness retreat. Our staff deliver hot food right to the campsite.

San Pedrillo’s Treasures - Day 2:

  • Breakfast Overlooking a Unique forest View: Enjoy a hot breakfast at the glamping site, then make your way to the Rio Pargo trail and beyond where most visitors do not get to venture onto. 

  • Lunch: Will be delivered to you as always.

  • The Jaguar Stake Out: Set up our camping hammocks at the only site where the jaguar has been spotted both in person and via camera trap. Use your senses to listen, smell, and sense your surroundings. Your guide will help you find these senses that you never knew you had.

  • A Night with the King of the Jungle: Explore the night life that only appears after dark. Our staff will deliver your hot dinner to finish off the adventure.

Journey Home - Day 3:

  • Jungle Awakening: Greet the morning with a delectable breakfast, delivered to your campsite, setting the tone for the continued journey.

  • Trekking Back with Memories: The final leg of your adventure is the hike back to Jungla del Jaguar. The path holds a special surprise - an ancient tree with a hollowed room inside, a testament to nature's marvels and the perfect end to your incredible journey.

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