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2 night San Pedrillo + Sirena Overnight Expedition: 

Twilight Tales of Two Stations

Dive into an extended journey across Corcovado, embrace the raw beauty of both realms, even if you've never embarked on a multi-day forest adventure before.

$610 per guest

*Plus tax


Departure: 7:15am 

Return: ~11am 2 days later

What is included:

  • Park Permits

  • All meals

  • All camping gear

  • Top rated Corcovado guide

  • All boat transport

  • Trip insurance available at checkout (additional cost)

An expedition tailored for the intrepid, brace yourself for two nights of intense jungle immersion across two renowned regions. Experience the park’s full spectrum, from the well traveled paths at Sirena to the primary forest wonders of San Pedrillo. Suited for those who hunger for a deeper, extended dive into nature's grandeur, and to bond with our guide who will show you a spiritual side of nature you have never felt.


Please note: This tour requires us to acquire VERY limited park permits in advance. The sooner you reserve the better.

Sirena’s Call - Day 1:

  • Morning Boat ride to the Sirena Station ~45 minutes: Your expedition kicks off with a 7am boat ride to the mesmerizing grounds of Sirena. Keep an eye out for whales, dolphins, and flying fish!

  • Unraveling the Secrets of Sirena Trails: Stepping onto the Sirena trails, you'll tread the paths where agoutis rustle and white-faced capuchin monkeys playfully leap from tree to tree. Every step you take immerses you deeper into the wonders of Costa Rica's wilderness.

  • A Jungle Feast Amidst Nature: Your midday hunger will be met with a hearty lunch at the Sirena park Station, a meal that tastes even richer surrounded by the wild symphony of the park.

  • Deep Dive into Sirena's Labyrinths: Your appetite for adventure continues as you hike more of Sirena's winding trails. Here, every rustle might reveal a lurking coati or the vibrant flash of a macaw's wings.

  • Night at the Station: As darkness encroaches, relish a dinner amidst the harmonious sounds of the jungle. Thereafter, rest in the Sirena Station dorms, letting the lullaby of the rainforest cradle you to sleep. Night hikes are not allowed at Sirena.

San Pedrillo’s Treasures - Day 2:

  • Breakfast at the Sirena Station: Enjoy breakfast at the station and socialize with the other overnighters in attendance.

  • Voyage to San Pedrillo: Your guide will led you on some last exploring before starting the boat journey, drawing you closer to the adventures of San Pedrillo. You'll have lunch on the boat on the way to San Pedrillo.

  • Navigating the Richness of Rio Pargo: At the San Pedrillo Station, venture into the Rio Pargo trails where peccaries meander and the elusive tapir may leave its footprints for you to find. Every sound, from the distant call of the toucan to the nearby splash of a crocodile, tells a story.

  • The Hidden Cascade: The thrill of discovery awaits as you happen upon a secluded waterfall. Its rhythmic gush is complemented by the occasional sight of birds taking their ceremonial baths.

  • A Night with the King of the Jungle: Set up your camp in the forest's depths, known for the majestic jaguars that have marked their territory. As night falls, your guide will lead you on nocturnal adventures, seeking out the secrets the forest whispers under the cover of darkness.

Journey Home - Day 3:

  • Jungle Awakening: Greet the morning with a delectable breakfast, delivered to your campsite, setting the tone for the continued journey.

  • Trekking Back with Memories: The final leg of your adventure is the hike back to Jungla del Jaguar. The path holds a special surprise - an ancient tree with a hollowed room inside, a testament to nature's marvels and the perfect end to your incredible journey.

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