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San Pedrillo + Sirena Overnight: Dual Station Discovery

Discover the combined secrets of two iconic stations, without treading the well-worn paths, even if you've never ventured deep into the jungle before.

$430 per guest

*Plus tax


Departure: 7:15am 

Return: ~11am the next day

What is included:

  • Park Permits

  • All meals, hot and hand delivered

  • All camping gear

  • Top rated Corcovado guide

  • All boat transport

  • Trip insurance available at checkout (additional cost)

Blending the best of both worlds, this journey weaves the enchantments of San Pedrillo with the allure of Sirena. Traverse two iconic terrains in a tight-packed adventure, witnessing an array of Costa Rica's signature wildlife. Ideal for those adventurers with limited time but unlimited passion for discovery.


Please note: This tour requires us to acquire VERY limited park permits in advance. The sooner you reserve the better.


Morning Voyage to the Sirena Station: Begin your journey at 7am, boarding the boat towards Sirena. As the boat slices through shimmering waters, keep an eye out for playful dolphins or even a passing whale. Once at Sirena, your guide will lead the group through the flat trails of this secondary growth section of the Corcovado National Park where it is common to spot napping tapirs and sleepy sloths.

Afternoon Transition to the San Pedrillo Station: As the boat makes its way to San Pedrillo, embrace the fresh sea breeze and marvel at the ever-changing coastal views. Upon arrival, the hunger from your morning adventure will be satiated with a sumptuous lunch, and you'll be introduced to the primary rainforest wonders in the San Pedrillo sector.

Unveiling the Mysteries of Rio Pargo: Post-lunch, set out to unravel the secrets of the Rio Pargo trails. Every turn brings with it a new sight: a tapir mud-bathing by the river, a white-faced capuchin monkey curiously peeking through the leaves, or a crocodile sunning itself on a riverbank.

Waterfall Wonders: Nothing compares to the magic of stumbling upon a cascading waterfall hidden deep within the jungle. Its cool mists provide a refreshing respite amidst old growth trees and hanging vines.

Night Under the Stars with Nature’s Predators: As dusk approaches, set up camp in a part of the forest renowned for its jaguar sightings. As night blankets the forest, embark on a thrilling night adventure, led by the soft glow of your torch and the symphony of nocturnal creatures.

Awakening to Jungle Murmurs: As dawn breaks, a chorus of howler monkeys may serve as your natural alarm. Breakfast, delivered by our dedicated staff, tastes even better amidst the sights and sounds of the awakening forest.

Trekking Back with Memories: The final leg of your adventure is the hike back to Jungla del Jaguar. The path holds a special surprise - an ancient tree with a hollowed room inside, a testament to nature's marvels and the perfect end to your incredible journey.

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