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How to Get to Jaguar's Jungle, Drake Bay & Corcovado

How to get to Corcovado

The most remote lodge in Costa Rica

Jungla del Jaguar Lodge & Hostel is located a 20 minute boat ride from Drake Bay, on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. Our property shares a border with Corcovado National Park, and is the closest lodge to Cano Island Marine Reserve.


Find out how to get to Drake Bay and Corcovado by public transport boats and domestic flights below.

Boat From Sierpe to Jungla del Jaguar:

Departs from the docks at Oleaje Serreno

11am - $30 per person

3:30pm - $40-$60 per person (this boat price changes depending on the captain and # of people traveling)

Boat From Drake Bay to Jungla del Jaguar:

Departs from the Drake Bay beach

~12:40pm - $30 per person

4:30pm - $40-60 per person (this boat price changes depending on the captain and # of people traveling)

Boat From Jungla del Jaguar to Sierpe/ Drake Bay:

6 am - $30 per person to Sierpe, $25 to Drake Bay

1:30pm ~ $40 per person to Sierpe, $25 to Drake Bay

Please see The Sierpe boat guide to read every boat detail!

You do not need to reserve boats ahead of time. 

Boat prices are subject to change depending on # of people traveling and special circumstances. Gas prices as well as the price of everything else in Costa Rica are going up. If a boat captain tells you a different price then on this page, no one is swindling you. Jungla del Jaguar is not responsible for any verbal exchange you have with a boat captain or crew, and we are not liable for any experience you have on a public boat. We are not responsible if you miss the boat.

From San Jose:

The best shuttle service to Sierpe from San Jose and other coastal towns is Shuttle Corcovado.  Visit their website to book a shuttle or Whatsapp Pedro at +506 8703 2121

If you take the bus from San Jose to Palmar Norte:

From Palmar Norte, take a collectivo taxi to Sierpe. You can also reserve a private shuttle to Sierpe from many different Costa Rican destinations with

Roads and Parking:

There are no roads to paradise! We are boat access only and recommend catching the taxi boat from Sierpe. Please leave your rental car in Sierpe at Oleaje Sereno at a cost of $6 per day, this is the same location as the boats depart from. Regardless of what part of the country you are travelling from, we never recommend driving to Drake Bay. The roads are terrible and involve multiple bridgeless river crossings, you could be stranded for days and cause severe damage to your vehicle. Just take the boat from Sierpe, you'll be glad you did.

Domestic Flights:

Flights to Drake Bay operate daily from San Jose with Sansa Air.  

Make sure to book a morning flight that gets to Drake Bay before 12. If you are booking a flight leaving the lodge to go back to San Jose, book the 9:15am flight. Yes, you will get there with time to spare when you leave the lodge on the 6am boat.


We highly recommend flying from San Jose to Drake Bay or visa versa, as it ends up costing a similar price as other forms of transport and you get to Drake Bay in 40 minutes! Plus the views from the plane are spectacular!


From Drake Bay airport, take a taxi to Drake Bay Beach ($20 pp) and ask for help flagging down the boat captain named ‘Chancha’ who will be dropping off passengers between 12:35pm and 12.50pm. Tell the captain you are going to Jungla del Jaguar.

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